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Whether it's your first time riding a dirt trail or looking for another unique riding experience.  LCA's West Marion Mtn Bike Trails are ready for you.  Year round cycling available within the south metro area.

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Continue your support of the finest Mtn Bike trails in Lakeville!  Maintained and updated to improve your riding experience! 
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Always check current trail conditions before riding.  Why are trails closed? Usually after a good rain.  Trails are soft or muddy.  Riding trails in these conditions ruin the trails and leaves ruts and disturbs erosion saving effects. 

LCA Team Kit

Check out the designated trail system that is planned for you.  Get ready for riding, racing, fat biking, skills course, skills clinics and more.

Get involved!  LCA needs volunteers to maintain them after they are completed.  It's riders like you that will keep the trails in good riding condition.

Contact: Larry Sauber.


Lakeville Cycling

WHO: Lakeville Cycling Association
WHAT: Non profit 501(3)c
WHERE: Lakeville, MN, Lake Marion
WHEN: Spring of 2017
WHAT: 5 Miles of Off-road bike trails
Questions: call 763-219-3393

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